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Brutha could you spare a click?

I left the game Kings of Chaos back on Memorial Day weekend, but judiang (who was then my commanding officer) has stuck with the game throughout the beta testing. And now the actual Age 3 has started. And she needs little soldiers! So, could you please click here for Judi? Once you go to the site, an image will (eventually) appear telling you a number to click on. Click on that number and Judi gets another Elf for her army. You don't need to do anything else after that. (You can click once every 24 hours - so if you can, click again tomorrow!)

This is the most critical stage of the game and the more elves she gets these first few days, the better off she'll be in the long run. (Don't get confused if you notice she's got fewer elves the next day or something - she'll be training some as spies and will probably lose some during battles.)

So why did I finally decide to stop playing the game? I was addicted to it. Not in the "OMG I must play this every day!" kind of addiction. No, in an "OMG I must play this every minute of every day!" I was getting up in the middle of the night and checking on my Elves to see if they'd been attacked and to spend my gold. I was a member of 3 clicking alliances, of which I posted to frequently (well, for me) in their forums. It was cutting into my free time and my work time. Heck, I even checked my soldiers at work! I'm the network administrator and I don't let kids play games on my machines (well, not the high school kids). So I finally blocked KoC on the school network (and a couple of similar games) and told Judi that I had to quit. She suggested that I cut back. Yeah, right... It wasn't for lack of trying. I had to quit cold turkey.

So back on May 30th, I sold off all of my weapons and defenses and Judi attacked the sh*t out of me. And got lots of gold. It was fun for both of us. And such a relief when I was finally done with the game. Yay!

So anyway (heh - it's fun to start your paragraphs with "So") go out there and click one for the Judi! You know you want to!
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