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Back from Boston - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Back from Boston
Phew - I'm tired. Leo is not letting me out of his sight. There's a travel bag with dirty laundry in it. I must be back from a trip. :-)

Last night, we wound up watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on the Family Channel while still winding down at audioboy's. I made judiang and myself amaretto sours (seconds for both of us as I'd made sours for indefatigable42 and us earlier that night) using the last of the sour mix. Audioboy's wife assures me she knows someone who can take the extra amaretto. Judi and I returned to the hotel and finished the movie there. We also made the ultimate sacrifice and ate all of the Chocolate Hobnobs so that I wouldn't have to pack them for the trip home. (Honestly, there was no room!) I wish I'd've thought to share them while still at audioboy's place, but there ya go. (We also split the three mini pieces of Lindt chocolate. Ah, the sacrifices one makes!)

Suitably chocolated up, we lay there chatting for hours after Harry Potter was over. Mostly over Monty Python and British TV. (I really need to show Judi some more Python stuff.) I think I got 3 solid hours of sleep followed by cat naps. But at 7:30, I got up and got ready. We ate at the hotel again - peanut butter on bagels, banana bread, frosted flakes, and milk for me. I love a free breakfast, even if it is only "Continental." We arrived at audioboy's shortly after 9am and were promptly driven to the airport. Mrs. audioboy is a real sweetheart for being our taxi driver this weekend and we really appreciate what she did for us. (Audioboy was a great host as well, never fear.) We dropped Judi's sorry butt off first, and then my own sorry butt, where I made my way to the computer terminal then security then my gate. I got to my gate before Judi got to hers if our text messaging was anything to go by.

The flight out of Boston was painless and we got to Baltimore OK (albeit half an hour late). While there, I checked out their wireless connection (which is one of the top 20 connected airports in the country according to CPU magazine). Yes, I connected just fine. But when I went to Internet Explorer, I discovered to enjoy the wireless services would cost me $3 for the first 15 minutes and then 25 cents a minute after that. Um, no thanks. So I played Spider Solitaire and fiddled with IIS a bit before going back to my book. (I managed to finish The Amber Spyglass at Boston and then later finished the Murder, She Wrote novel Dying to Retire on the plane to Dayton.)

After my 4 hour layover (which was only 3 1/2 hours once the flight arrived late) at BWI, we boarded the plane to Dayton just fine. And I called dad to say the flight was on time. Only to then have the pilot tell us that there was a 45 minute hold on all flights out due to a bad storm nearby. A second call to dad and more waiting. But we got off when the 45 minutes were up and I arrived just 2 minutes after dad did. Yay! I treated him to dinner at Friendly's (where I got a free sundae with my grilled chicken sandwich) and used up the last of my Boston money. It's a great trip when you're left with only 51 cents at the end of it.

The trip was fun, hangin' with judiang, audioboy and his wife, indefatigable42, whomiga, Bill, Tom, Arlene, and the others was a blast. Watching Doctor Who on impressive TVs was great as well. Oh yeah, and watching Vanna and Judi get along so well was also cute (albeit a bit distressing. She's the dog person. I'm the cat person. Why couldn't Vanna play with me????) Thanks to all for the wonderful weekend. (Oh, and sorry about not contributing to the pizza costs - I only thought of that on the flight home. Eek! I'll make it up to you, I promise!)

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