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NeilCon Day 3 - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
NeilCon Day 3
Um, ditto what Judi said.

Well, actually, I can't be that brief... (Sorry folks!)

Last night (the bit which judiang forgot to mention) Judi and I headed off to The Dolphin for supper. This is a seafood restaurant in the building complex where Bill lives. It's a high quality seafood place. I got a 1 1/4lb lobster, grilled shrimp & scallops, and mashed taters. Wonderful, wonderful. Although we didn't have hergrace with us, we still managed to crack open our lobsters well. (Judi helped me with the claws.) And, of course, since we used up all of our energy getting the meat from our lobsters, we had dessert too. I got the chocolate fudge cake. (Judi got key lime pie.) Good eats! (It just seemed a real shame to come all the way to Boston and not have fresh seafood AKA lobster.) The two of us ate for $75. (Um, eek?)

This morning, my alarm didn't work (from my cell phone) but we got up OK nonetheless. Indeed, I was done early and went downstairs to drink hot chocolate and read more of The Amber Spyglass. Judi sent me a text message when she was ready to head down, but I received it while I was going up to the room. (Ain't technology grand?)

As Judi then said, we had brunch at S&S and then walked and shopped. Once again, I got some good photos, but I'll have to post them when I get home. Perhaps a NeilCon website. I got a wind up singing bird and a couple of physics toys, some dark chocolate Hobnobs (cuz my UK friends always tell me how great they are) and 2 individual Penguins (I blame shebit, the_ladylark, and Mags for that!), one of which I gave to Judi. Oh, and 3 little Lindt chocolates. Just cuz. Also I got a tie-dye kit (too). You'll find out later why.

At Christina's, I got some bittersweet chocolate & Bailey's Irish Ice Cream. The bittersweet chocolate wasn't as decadent as the stuff from Toscanini's, but it was awful good. We returned to audioboy's to watch some more of indefatigable42's Samurai Jack DVD. Looks like a fun show - I should watch it.

When 42 had to head off home, audioboy and his wife drove her to the airport and the rest of us sat around enjoying the computers. (Actually 4 computers, 5 people makes for one unhappy person. Which was me.... ;-))

BTW, with enough persistance (annoyance?) one can end up getting a pineapple & onion pizza... heh heh heh.

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samantha2074 From: samantha2074 Date: July 11th, 2004 06:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
The bittersweet chocolate wasn't as decadent as the stuff from Toscanini's, but it was awful good.

Whoa! I had the bittersweet chocolate at Christina's on Friday night and found it wonderful, but too rich to finish (although I tried a little harder than perhaps I should have). My mind boggles at what the stuff from Toscanini's must taste like.
trinalin From: trinalin Date: July 27th, 2004 06:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
The stuff at Toscannini's is called Chocolate #3 or somesuch. And it's deadly. And wonderful. And tonight I made some ice cream that I hope will be similar to it. I haven't frozen it yet - needs to cool first. So tomorrow I'll know better. :-)
dark_pheonix From: dark_pheonix Date: July 11th, 2004 09:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ehe. Random Sylv pic is looking deliciously evil. *pauses*

Oh, yes, a comment. Right.

2 individual Penguins
I shall applaud your choice. *applauds*
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