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NeilCon Day 2

I'm sitting in the back room at Bill's place with some Horatio Hornblower thing playing ("Loyalty" I believe). Firstly, I'm just surprised to see Barbara Flynn playing the mother of the woman that Hornblower will marry. That's Cracker's wife and the dyke from A Very Peculiar Practice! Actors, always playing new types of roles, I tell ya...

judiang and I got up this morning and went for breakfast at the hotel (frrrrrrrrreeeeeeee!) Then we walked to audioboy's apartment for transport to Bill's apartment. Bill has a phenomenal collection of technology here. We're in the backroom watching a 50" HDTV widescreen TV. Way cool. There's another impressive telly in the front room (where several are watching Pyramids of Mars, I believe). They've got a webcam there and one going on at ravenevermore's place too. Ah, it's fun to be a geek!

Lunch was hotdogs and vegetarian chili and fruit and there's grapes & cheeses & crackers for snacking and CREAM SODA. Mmmm. Works for me! Later there's the TVM and TISWAS and Curse of Fenric, so some good Sylvester McCoy fare for me. (And dark_pheonix, I brought your surrogate here and she's watching Hornblower now and was watching The Three Doctors with us. I got a picture of her with the Doctor and a picture of her with the Brig, so you should be pleased there...)

Oh, and one final thing. I'm wearing a t-shirt that I made before this trip. It's a photo of Sylv swinging and says "Sylveste is the Real McCoy." Hopefully we'll get a photo of me in the shirt, too.
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