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ABC Meme

Gakked this Meme from the_ladylark. Just close your eyes at "B" if you're easily offended.

TOTALLY honest
A - Act your age 33
B - Breast size 44F
C - Chore you hate Mowing the lawn
D - Dad's name Mike (actually, William Michael, but he goes by Mike)
E - Essential make up item None - I don't wear make up
F - Favorite singer Neil Innes
G - Gold or silver Silver
H - Hometown Pleasant Hill
I - Instruments you play Piano (mostly just by ear)
J - Job title Network Guru
K - Kids No kids, just my cat, Leo. He's enough of a handful for me.
L - Living arrangements Own my own home - living there with Leo
M - Mum's name Linda
N - Number of people you've fallen in love with None - numerous crushes, no real loves
O - Overnight hospital stays Just the one when I was born
P - Phobia Escalators, but I'm much better now
Q - Quote you like "This is a hospital Miss Shaw, not Scooby Doo!" Dr. Dove (Sylvester McCoy) in The Zero Imperative
R - Religious affiliation Unitarian Universalist (though I've not signed the book) or Christian in Exile
S - Siblings Younger sister (Amy) and adopted older sister (judiang)
T - Time you wake up 6:30 during the school year, whenever Leo wants me to get up every other time
U - Underwear of choice Mine, thank you very much!
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat Lima beans (unless they're in vegetable soup - then they're tolerable)
W - Worst habit Talk too loud/fast/much/tactlessly
X - X-rays you've had Left wrist (looked like broken glass) and teeth (perfect - ha!)
Y - Yummy foods you make I make a really good curry and I like my fried rice and now I've been dabbling in ice cream, too
Z - Zodiac Sign Capricorn, the goat in the "regular" zodiac and the Boar (or pig) in Chinese zodiac (notice how neither animal is terribly flattering...)

From shebit I did one of those other memes where you can find out some interests you might want to add to your interests list by inputting your username. Here's the bit at the bottom of the meme, if you wanna give it a go yourself:

Type your username here to find out what interests it suggests for you.

coded by ixwin
Find out more

When I did it, I got the following interests: poetry, reading, music, movies, cooking, anime, fantasy, something positive, chocolate, peter davison, history, muppets, firefly, friends, sushi, web comics, queen of wands, invader zim, buffy, geeks.

I've bolded the ones that I've now decided to add. Some of them I really should have added long ago. (And someday I'm sure I'll add Davison and probably the other Doctor actors, but I'm letting Sylv be the only actor in the list for the time being. Why? I have NO idea. I just am. I mean, I don't even have Peter Falk in the list yet... Hmmm, maybe I will add him.)
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