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Going through withdrawal... - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Going through withdrawal...
Bleh, another day netless. It's not so bad when I'm at the folks (like now) and getting caught up on things. It's when I'm at home, alone (well, alone with cat) that I really feel it. I'll think "I wonder who that actor is in such & such" and head for the den, only to realize there ain't nothing there for me. And when I eat my breakfast in the morning, I need my e-mail! But it's not there! I have to watch morning shows instead. *sigh*

Here's hoping the cable folks arrive tomorrow morning as promised and can fix my outage. I can be strong! I must be strong!

Current Mood: frustrated frustrated

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judiang From: judiang Date: July 6th, 2004 10:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
Be strong! You can do it!
warinbabylon From: warinbabylon Date: July 7th, 2004 05:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Hang in there!
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