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Yesterday I left Chicago to return to the humidity that is Ohio. Before I left, however, judiang, elsaf and I met up with miz_em and her husband for Dim Sum. Very tasty food and a fitting way to end an Eating Vacation.

After lunch, we vegged at Judi's and I actually fell asleep. Indeed, I woke up at 1:15, which is the time I had hoped to be waiting for the train at the station. But I was already packed and ready to go. I hugged Elsa, petted Lance, and then Judi walked me to the station. We hugged and I bugged out. It was easy going at the airport and the plane took off on time. I arrived at 5:30 and the parentals were waiting. We stopped at Pizza Hut on the way home (got that funky 4-way pizza thingy - mine was pineapple, onion, and extra cheese, of course). Then it was home to my KITTY.

Leo was happy to see me, but, unfortunately, my internet connection was not. Apparently, Saturday night there was a storm here which (as always seems to happen anymore) knocked the power out. And this time my connection to my cable modem was f*cked in the process. Dunno if it's the modem or the modem line, but I have no connectivity there. Meanwhile, my folks (who live next door) still have connectivity. But since they're on a different node they still have a connection. So I can check LJ and e-mail from here, at least.

The cable folks can't make it to my place until Wednesday morning - gah! I need my 'net connection! I feel so useless without it.

Still, I hung out with the folks some yesterday evening. Then we walked to the post office (and Amy's wedding invite was there - woohoo!) and then to Granny's. Talked with Granny, Aunt Becky, and Cousin Mick (Cousin Bill and Connie and little Braden were there at the start) for a bit. And when I returned home, Leo and I watched CBS and PBS alternately for fireworks. (I thought the Boston fireworks were the best - especially with "What a Wonderful World" orchestrated to the fireworks. They even had the smiley face fireworks! I haven't seen those since I saw fireworks at St. Paul.)

Going to head in to work today, despite it being a federal holiday. Just as well, too, cuz the treasurer and his assistant are there doing work and the servers are down (thanks to the power outage). Dad and I are going slow this morning, however, which is why we haven't gotten there yet.
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