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Photos from Sears Tower

Rather than do these in the morning, I decided to work on them now. Who knows how tired I'll be tomorrow morning. Thankfully, the folks are picking me up at the airport instead of my driving home. These ladies (judiang and elsaf) sure know how to wear someone out!

Chagall Sculpture.
This is a funky sculpture by Marc Chagall. Judi says everyone just calls it the Chagall.

Chagall from the air.
Here is the same sculpture from the Sears Tower. Gee, it looks so small!

Sears Tower.
Of course, this is because the Sears Tower is very, very tall.

Sears Tower.
I bought a postcard which shows the Sears Tower against the rest of Chicago's skyline. It's currently the tallest manmade structure in the USA. Nearly 1500 feet tall, and that's without it's antennae.

Judi's place and surroundings.
Here's a view of Judi's place from the Sears Tower. In an earlier post I had a photo of the clock tower at Dearborn Station. I've marked the station in this picture. You can see that she's close to her current grocery (Jewel) and within walking distance (albeit a long walk) of Museum Campus where Shedd's Aquarium and the Field Museum are.

The Long Ass Bridge.
Back in 1998, Judi, tiger5, alryssa and I walked to Dominick's across the Long Ass Bridge. This was before Jewel was built. Are you surprised that Tiger kept saying "I'll pay for a cab! I'll pay for a cab!" along the route there and back?

Glow Folks.
We didn't brave the outdoors this Fireworks Night, but we still had fun with the glow-in-the-dark necklaces that I bought. Judi, Lance, me and Elsa are sitting in Judi's living room with our glow stuff on.

Dark_Pheonix's surrogate glows too.
Even dark_pheonix's surrogate bear got into the act. (We did get some pictures with the bear, but none of them were in as good a shape as this one.)

Well, this has been a great trip. Tomorrow (or rather, later today) we'll go to Three Happiness for dim sum. miz_em will be joining us, too, so that will be a lovely end to the trip. Then my plane leaves at 3:15pm. Back to Ohio - well, until Friday when I fly off to Boston.
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