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Photos from Day 3

Before I post the photos from yesterday, I needed to type a few things. Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to timjr! Secondly, alas, none of us won the $290 million lottery. Well, I did wave goodbye to my dollar bill as I bought the ticket. And thirdly, there's yet one more food item I forgot to mention. On Thursday, I had a bit of Elsa's chicken pita sandwich from Cousin's Turkish Diner or whatever that was called. Yet another tasty morsel. Actually, I cannot think of a single food item that I tried that I didn't enjoy. Guess I love food too much. Heh. :-)

So, onto the photos for the day...

Dearborn Station.
Judi lives really close to the old Dearborn Station. It was, aparently, the train station that her grandparents arrived at when they came to Chicago. Now it houses a number of yuppy stores, Bar Louis, a bank, and there are a number of apartment complexes where the station once was. I'm sure Judi can correct me and tell you even more about the history of the station.

The Taste of Chicago.
I thought I should get a photo from the Taste now that it was the last time we were going there. Very busy- apparently it will be even busier today, since tonight is fireworks night.

Judi, Emily, Elsa.
judiang, miz_em, and elsaf outside of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Judi, Emily, me.
Judi, Emily, and me. (Notice how Elsa didn't get the "wear a blue shirt" memo.)

Emily, me, Elsa.
Emily, me, and Elsa. Everyone wanted her photo taken with Emily that night. Except Forest Gump.

Forest Gump.
No, Forest wanted his picture taken with this lady instead. We dunno why - Emily is *the* celeb to have your photo taken with.

Cold on the bus.
There's nothing more invigorating than leaving a chilly pier and getting onto an air conditioned bus.

Well, Judi is up for good now (she was actually up before me today, but since I wasn't up, she went back to bed) so time to finish this post.
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