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Photos from Taste Day 1

I have wonderful friends. It turns out that elsaf had a cable for her MP3 player which is the same as my camera requires for synching to my laptop. So I now have photos to go with the text from yesterday.

dark_pheonix's surrogate for the trip.
dark_pheonix's surrogate for the trip.

The Mission.
Ever since I first visited judiang at her apartment, I have been fascinated with this mission nearby. I still haven't figured out why I was fascinated with it, but this time I finally got a photo of it.

Da gurls!
Judi and Elsa enjoying the lovely flavors of The Taste. (Notice the long line of portapotties in the background. It's no surprise they have about 4 billion of them in the park.)

The city.
Judi guides us towards Michigan Avenue for our "1 mile" walk to the movie theatre.

The old watertower
One of the few buildings in Chicago that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was the old watertower and its pump house.

The pump house
A photo of the pump house. Elsa in the foreground.

The Presbyterian Church
Here's an indoor shot of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. Man, I hate to think of the oppulance of the *First* Presbyterian Church.

We're just sitting around this morning geeking so far. We'll probably do Taste for lunch and definitely do Taste for supper. (miz_em will be joining us for supper.) And watching Spider-Man 2 is on the agenda. Oh, and getting some measuring cups for Judi so that I can make a decent Amaretto Sour tonight. (Judi had *no* small measuring devices for making drinks. Well, she had a half tablespoon... That's a wee bit too small.)

Good grief, now both of the girls are insisting that I take Lance for his morning walkies... He's not *my* dog, dammit... ;-)
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