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No, I'm not going to try and sell you insurance or turnip twaddlers or swamp land. I'm just doing a bit of advertising for my Sylvester McCoy site. I thought I'd try to recruit some votes for the site at Star Pages (you'll find a link on every Sylv page - just click and then confirm and I get another vote - woohoo! I'm shooting for 100) and see if anyone's interested in joining the (very quiet) mailing list of the SMCSB.

So, what's the SMCSB? Before there was a PMEB (Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade) there was the Sylvester McCoy Chocolate Sauce Brigade. Originating on Usenet in rec.arts.drwho back in late 1995 (or early 1996? I researched it once and haven't felt the need to go back and research again), the fan club has always been unofficial and relatively quiet. In May of 1998, I created an eGroups list for the SMCSB (and eGroups eventually became YahooGroups). It's been a nice quiet little list. We have moments of extreme posting, but usually moments of extreme lack of posting. Thanks to my goading of mindwarp in her LJ, we've started a small discussion going on the list right now. But we need more members! And you don't need to enjoy the thoughts of Sylvester McCoy and chocolate sauce to join the group. We have some straight males on the list (drake57 as a manly example) too. Yes, there is some gushing that goes on, but I don't think it's nearly as bad as the gushing that goes on in PMEB. ;-)

Hmmm, what else Sylvish did I want to say? Oh yeah, "smcsb" is an interest that you can have in your LJ interests, if interested. Heh. (Yes, it's not as fun as "seventies porn colin," but what is?) Also, I updated the Big Finish section on the Sylv site to include a review of The Harvest. And finally, while reading my journal from my late HS/early college years, I discovered the date of my first mentioning of Sylv in a journal. November 8, 1989, I was a freshman in college. In a long journal entry, I wrote the following:
As to Paradise Towers, I bought it because I have now seen Doctor #7 and like him. A lot. He is a massive improvement on #6. I wasn't sure at first, because the book version of that episode wasn't really that good. The episode itself was excellent and the Doctor was great. I hope they show more of him (though I doubt that they will).

OK, so I haven't mentioned Sylvester McCoy by name there... It does happen in the journal eventually, though. (Well, not this particular journal, but in one of them. Where I used to talk loads about Eric Idle, that eventually switched over to this short, Scottish feller.) And don't go thinking I'm anti-Doc6. I'm not - I wasn't. Earlier entries have plenty of pro-Colin comments. And the fact that I'm describing Paradise Towers as an excellent story - heh! Ah, the joy of youth! The bliss of ignorance! (Heck, I used to think Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma was a good book. Ye gods - have you ever read it????)

Well, I think I've Sylved enough in this entry. Sorry to you readers who just don't "get it"... Tomorrow I shall have some food-laden entry, most probably, as I'll be in Chicago with judiang and elsaf and doing the Taste of Chicago and all that jazz.
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