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The Harvest by Big Finish

It's been awhile since there was a new Doc7 (Sylvester McCoy) audio adventure. And, alas, it will be awhile until there's another new Doc7 audio adventure. So I was rather excited when The Harvest arrived today. I was walking to work and stopped in the post office and there it was. I decided I'd listen to it after I finished The Evil of the Daleks. (Working on computers is a mindless enough task that I can listen to audio adventures without a hitch. So the summer is when I finally get caught up on all of my audio adventures - and relisten to several more.)

The biggest worry I had while listening to The Harvest was about the quality. The last Big Finish Doc7 adventure was Master. My review of it wasn't hugely negative, but also not hugely positive. And since it will be March of 2005 before we get another Doc7 audio (gee thanks, Big Finish, for postponing that audio until after you play out the rather dreary adventures of Doc8 and Charley) I was concerned that I wouldn't have any good Sylvish adventures for a very long time. The Harvest had to satisfy my Sylvish ears for the next 9 months. So, did we have another Fearmonger or another The Dark Flame?

I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed The Harvest. It has some sparkling dialog and a new companion who works well with both McShane and the Doctor. (Yes, Ace is calling herself McShane now. Or "Just McShane" as she often corrects people. The Doc still calls her "Ace.") Hex (Thomas Hector Schofield) is a nurse from 2021 and his favorite expression is "Oh my god! Oh my god!" (Sylv doing an imitation of that is priceless.) Still, when you're meeting people like the Doctor and McShane, you're bound to have some "Oh my god!" moments like Hex does in this story. Part One does a good job of introducing us to Hex. McShane shows up about halfway in. The Doctor appears briefly, but it's a great appearance. Parts Two-Four have all three of them in equal measure (with a good deal of time having the Doc and Hex working together). The story is good, the action riveting, and, as I said earlier, the dialog sparkles. The ending to Part One is a particular favorite of mine (and, whether intentional or not, is a fun dig at Death Comes to Time, which is another Audio Adventure that I love).

I haven't read many reviews (well, so far only one, and that was just one line to say it was loved) so I don't know if I'm the norm on this or not. Still, with a bit more work, I should have a Synopsis and Review for the audio up on my Sylv Site soon. (Heck, just to indicate how much I liked this - I've already begun relistening to it. I got to the middle of part three when I finished making the ice cream and cleaning up my mess.)

*sigh* I'm gonna miss Doc7, Hex, and McShane. (Wow, whoda thunk it - I'll actually miss McShane! I didn't think that was possible anymore, but when she's written right, she's back to being a good character.)
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