Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Home soon!

This is just a quick entry to say that the week is nearly over (duh!) and I'll be coming home tomorrow - woohoo! I have had a blast this week (and have been busy, which is why I've barely updated the journal). I'll have many pictures to post this weekend - the periodic table birthday cake that we got for Lois's 80th birthday being the geekiest of the lot. But also some shots of girls shooting off water rockets and maybe some pictures of folks on the van de Graaf (if it works out fine tomorrow).

This year will be Betty & Lois's last year as assistant director and director of this camp. Next year, Denise (see the picture from my last post) and Susan will be co-directors. Cool! So I guess I'll have to come back next year to support our new directors. :-)

Oh, while Carolyn (I had to go back and edit my earlier entries to spell her name right), Joyce, and I were at K-Mart tonight, I bought some nice purple & green towels for the bathroom. Bye bye old blue tatty towels! Hello new cheap ass towels! (Still, Martha Stewart made these towels, so I'm sure they're good.)
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