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First day of Classes!

Ah, another wonderful day at B-WISER. Dee and I had the girls doing measurement - volume and density. They had fun and enjoyed the Chinese yo-yos that we gave them as toys. One girl (after receiving her toy at the end of class) said that physics was her favorite with robotics second. :-) We know how to bribe the girls! The evening session had Dr Helen Free, patent holder and mother of 9 children, who talked with the girls about Diabetes. She worked on the 10-reaction reagent strips that are now very commonly used in hospitals and helped in the design of the portable glucose meters that diabetics use. She and her husband (who worked in the same field) were inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame.

I have some more photos to share. This time I've included some of the crazy ladies that I work with. (And I mean that in a good way.)

Carolyn's bed in Douglass.
Carolyn's bed in Douglass.

My bed in Douglass.
My bed in Douglass. As you can see, this is a damn site bigger than the prison cell we had Saturday night.

Some of my crazy lady co-workers.
Some of my crazy lady co-workers. Charlene's in the back. Joyce and Carolyn (my roomie) in the front.

Some other crazy lady co-workers.
Some other crazy lady co-workers. Denise and Becky.

Dee, my partner in physics.
Dee, my partner in physics helping out one of the B-WISER girls (edited out of the shot due to privacy reasons).

As you saw from the pictures (if you clicked on the LJ cut) I have some zany co-workers. That's why I have so much fun at this camp. Not only do I get to teach physics, but I get to work with some really cool female teachers. (We've got two male teachers on staff and they're pretty cool too.)

Tomorrow for Dee and I is Work, Power, and Energy!
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