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It's the Muppets, OK?

I know my Inner Muppet. It's Ernie from Sesame Street. There's no question about that. However, if I were asked who my favorite Muppet is, that would definitely be Pepe the King Prawn. So, while I was out today with Brandi, I had two goals - one was to buy my perfect Reading Chair for my Reading Room and the other was to find me a Pepe the Prawn figurine. I was successful in both endeavors. My chair will arrive on Wednesday and my Pepe is being opened now.

Cool! His deck chair and umbrella have cloth thingies! And he has sandals that slip on his feet. This is cool!

Now onto the day - we had a lovely day today. I took a wrong turning on the way to the Indian place, so we went to the Dayton Mall first. Other than buying some Toys for Tots, we didn't buy anything at the mall. But the walk gave us a good appetite. Next was India Palace. I got the Buffet, but Brandi decided to get the chicken chili. (She likes chili, see... I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't quite the same.) The waiter assured us it could be made mild, and they did. I also ordered some nan for her since she doesn't like rice. (Yeah, strange kid...) I shall let her explain what she thought in her own words.

"It was ok I guess but my favorite was their bread. I don't like their sauce in the chicken chili. The chicken tandoori was good too."

(Her cousin wouldn't have shared some of her chicken tandoori from the buffet, now would she???)

After the meal, we headed north a bit to the Mall at Fairfield Commons, with a stop at Sofa Express to buy my Reading Chair. Thanks to their Pre-Winter Sale, I got no-interest, no-payment until 2005. I figure I can get it paid for by then. At the mall, we bought 3 Pepes - one for me, one for Brandi, and one as a house-warming gift for Deanna. (What can I say, my cousins have great taste in Muppets.) After the mall, it was off to BestBuy to get Brandi her Good Charlotte CD The Young and the Hopeless. Then onto the Bookery Fantasy to get my DWM and Dreamwatch for the month. And finally to visit Deanna in her new apartment. Nice pad.

Now we are home. First an update to LJ (vis this) and then Bend it Like Beckham. Gotta end our Indian Day on a positive note, eh? (Coincidentally, Brandi's class is learning about India in Social Studies right now.) If we're still awake later, Holes!
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