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Connection At Camp!

Yay! I brought along some cat-5 cable along with my laptop just in case the LAN ports were operative in the dorn rooms. They are! Yay! (Thanks to my roomie, I have a cable long enough to reach my bed. Mine was only 10ft long, hers is more like 20ft. And I had forgotten to mention this originally, but when she had me read it to her, she bitched about it, so I'm including it now.)

So I can do occassional updates this week. (In order to wear the kids out, we've got 'em busy most of the day. That tends to wear us teachers out too.)

To get an idea of the prison cell that they put us in the first night (last night) I took a couple of pictures.

My bed.
My bed.

Carolyn's bed.
Carolyn's bed.

We're back in our proper dorm now (Douglass) and in our proper room, which is much bigger (but still not air conditioned). There's currently a big thunderstorm going on outside and we've got a wonderfully cool breeze, however. So that's nice.

The girls arrived today and they seem like a good bunch of girls. (The collective noun for a group of girls I've always figured was "giggle." So we've got a good giggle of girls this year.) Tomorrow we actually have our first classes with them.

Walked for 2 hours solid this morning with my roomie, Carolyn, and another teacher, Becky. And you know what's so odd about Wooster? It's all uphill! It's amazing - we started our walk going uphill, and we finished going uphill. I've always suspected that MC Escher had a hand in the design of this city.

I will probably add more stuff later - I'm ready to read some and then hit the sack. Busy day tomorrow!
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