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Lazy Hazy Crazy Day

Actually, lazy - yes, hazy - not really, crazy - certainly not, day - yes. OK, so the Subject of my entry is only 50% correct...

Yesterday was a wonderful day for lounging about. After I finished my journal entry, I sat outside for awhile and read some more from Ivanhoe. I'm nearly done with it. Then I snoozed a bit and when the wind picked up, it woke me and I realized it was 1:30pm. Lunch time! So I scurried about. Made a fire, got the stuff out of the fridge. Nuked the leftover baked beans that my Aunt had brought the day before. Then charred the steaks for about 5 minutes and finally woke judiang. We had a nice little lunch, pausing only to heat the steaks a bit longer over the coals (OK, so another minute on the fire would have been perfect).

After lunch, Judi played Scullery Maid again and it was my turn to zonk out completely. I napped outside for awhile, enjoying the sunshine on my legs and the warm breeze. It was an absolutely perfect weather day. (And today is looking to be nearly as perfect.)

I returned indoors to help Judi with her geeking (and insisting that she post to LJ while she was actually awake). In preparation for supper, I cut up the peppers, onions, pineapple, and pork for the kebabs. I marinated the pork in soy sauce, garlic, honey, and rice wine vinegar. And after a bit, I started the sticky rice in the rice cooker and then we headed outside to make the fire. Judi made the supper fire and did another great job.

When the fire was ready, we stuck stuff on skewers and grilled away. Yummy! We kept putting more wood on the fire and poor dad's wood pile is looking a little lean now. After supper, we just sat around the fire and chatted and watched. The sun went down and eventually the fire turned to glowing coals. Around 10:30pm, we spread the coals around to go out faster and headed back inside.

After some geeking on IRC, it was time to finish watching The Second Coming which I showed to Judi and elsaf last weekend. By the time it was done, it was well after 1am and we decided to go to bed. Just as well, since the cable had gone out - including our *ahem* internet connection.

It's now nearly 11am. We're pondering bowling and an Irish Pub, but we'll see how things go.
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