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The 2004 Troy Strawberry Festival

Well, we're taking a bit of a breather at my house while some Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream is being made. Judi's asleep on the sofa and Leo and I are here in my den. We got up early this morning (7am) in order to leave the cottage by 8am. Well, we got moving a little later than anticipated, but no matter, our timing was perfect. We arrived at Walmart just in time for a shuttle to the levy. (The festival is held on top of the levy by the Miami (can't recall if it's Great or Little Miami) River.) As soon as we got to Hobart Arena, we walked to the main street and waited for the parade.

The parade got to us just shortly after 9am. We were at the end of the parade route. And Judi got to experience her first "Small Town" Parade as she called it. Troy isn't a small town, in my book. Pleasant Hill (where I live) is. Troy is a City. We eventually compromised and called it a "Small City" or "Big Town." :-) Of course compared to Chicago, Dayton's considered a "Small City." (We did have another parade alternative. Today is Dayton's Gay Pride March. I've been to the previous ones, but this is the first one that I've missed.)

We stayed watching the parade for over an hour and finally the Newton High School Marching Band arrived. We walked behind the library after they were past and sat on a bench to get our backs in shape. I dunno when it happened, but since Judi and I first met, we have become Old Women(TM). How the hell that happened, neither of us know...

We moved on to the levy again to browse the festival. The crowd wasn't too bad yet and we got some food items. Snow cone for Judi, fresh tater chips (the type that's all one coil of potato) for Treen. Strawberry shortcake for Judi, lemonade shakeup for Treen. Hot dog for Judi, Texas Tenderloin for Treen (and Judi - that thing was HUGE!) We got a dozen strawberry donuts and a jar of strawberry salsa (don't laugh - it was good!) And as we walked out of the festival, we topped it off with strawberry lemonade shakeups.

At Hobart Arena, we just missed the bus back to Walmart (they were using Troy City School buses) and stood in line and chatted with the fellow in charge of the bus stop. He was very pleasant and talked with us about Troy and Chicago. Eventually, our bus arrived and we headed back to Walmart.

We bought a few essentials at Walmart and then moved onward to Trina's house. And here we are - I'm typing, Judi and Leo are sleeping. And the ice cream isn't freezing, dammit! (I think I put too much Bailey's in this time. I'm thinking of maybe getting some vanilla ice cream, taking my drink mixer, and making Bailey's Shakes for everyone if the ice cream doesn't freeze before we leave. Ah well!)
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