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All Checked Out!

Every year at the end of school, my seniors get out long before anyone else. So I think "cool, I've got more time to get shit done before the end of the school year." Only what happens is that I've more stuff to do than time to do it in. And I'm scrambling to get everything done before the teacher's last day. Requisitions, room inventory, chemical inventory, book inventory, student fee requisitions, grades, lab cleaning, etc. Heck, I often have whole days with no students in which to get stuff done thanks to exams. But again, I usually scramble (and sometimes don't get done in time).

This year, however, I dunno what happened, but I'm checked out already! And checkout day is Friday. Woohoo! I got the requisitions done and my grades (always a hassle for me) and inventories and checked out shortly after lunch. Woohoo! So then I spent the remainder of the day working on my gray cabinets (where small samples of oft used chemicals are stored for student use). I have to relabel them and refill all the bottles and get some chemicals added and others removed. I got 2 of the cabinets relabeled today, but have the other two to finish. And when I finish there, I have some physics shelves that I want to reorganize. And of course, I have computer things awaiting.

So I'm excited - only a day and a half to go and I'm now doing the extra stuff I always wished I could get to. I finished listening to Arrangements for War (a 6th Doctor/Eveline Big Fish story) and Big George today. So tomorrow I can bring in some other audio adventures.

In other news - I'm bringing vanilla ice cream to the carry-in on Friday (and No Pudge brownies) and made the custard tonight. Mmmmm - damn fine! I used a real vanilla bean, too. Also, judiang's going to be visiting again this weekend! Woohoo! I pick her up after I finish at the carry-in and we'll go see Harry Potter. And we've just decided to go to the Troy Strawberry Festival this weekend. YAY! And Aunt Becky, Granny, and the folks will be coming up to the Lake on Saturday so we can play cards. YAY!

You know, I should go to bed....
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