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Audio Book Woes - Finale?

If you read about my quest to purchase Big George as read by Sylvester McCoy, you may be happy to know that it finally arrived! It turns out that the phone call that I got from the University of Michigan Law Library was indeed about this audio tape. Hooray!

There was a message in the box from one of the Law Library workers which read:
It is my sincere hope that you FINALLY receive this audiotape! I can't explain the misdelivery, but I can do my part to see that it gets to you.
Thanks, Elizabeth! I need to write her a thank you note. :-)

Now, to get the 6-volume audio tape set to Mrs A Harmon. There's a part of me that says "send it to her, as Elizabeth from the Law Library did for you." But there's the cheap bastard part of me that says "Chivers and their incompetent distributor, WorldNet Shipping, f*cked it up, let *them* pay for it!" I might let you know which side of me eventually wins through. I might not, too... ;-)

And, in the completely bizarre question category, as I was walking home from the gas station where I just bought a (very expensive) gallon of skim milk, a young man of my acquaintance asked me if I knew what "binomial nomenclature" was. I did, and defined it for him. And he was satisfied with that and continued on. OK...
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