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Messing About with Fire

The fire is started, the rice is cooking, Judi is sleeping, and I'm online... Yup, sounds like an ideal Saturday morning.

Despite having no internet access here at the lake, we're online. Judi's laptop with its built in 802.11g wireless card is great at Wardriving. First it jumped on the network of some guy in her apartment complex. Now it's connected to a wireless network from someone here at the Lake. I figure it's the folks from a few houses down.

We're still waiting on Elsa and my folks to arrive, but the fire will be ready for them. We're grilling tuna steaks which have been marinating overnight in a soy sauce/garlic/honey marinade that I made. We'll have sushi-style rice, wasabi, and pickled ginger, along with the appetizers that elsaf mentioned in her journal - the shrimp & mango spring rolls. Mmmmmm! Looking forward to it!

Anyhoo, I'd best go check on the fire. I'll LJ later!
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