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It's OK, I had Subway

I tell ya, with a "buy one, get one free" coupon for Subway, you can end up with a pretty inexpensive 2 meals. And I like the new Sweet Onion Teriyaki Chicken sammich. (I'll have the turkey & ham sammich Sunday, probably.)

Still on the food end of things, thanks for the suggestions on Indian food with my little cousin. That should be lunch tomorrow, followed by lots of shopping. Brandi's been helping me to install software in the elementary after school for the past few weeks. (She's better at testing whether the install works or not - sometimes testing too well...) So one of the things I'll do is buy her a CD of her choice (provided there are no Parental Advisory warnings on it - I don't want to get Connie upset with me!) I think Brandi's already figured out the one she wants. Other plans include watching Bend It Like Beckham on DVD and her sleeping over Saturday night. (Hey, I have a pool table, a cat, and a DVD player - what more could an 11 year old want?)

Did I suggest merely one DVD player? Well, apart from my laptop and computer, I actually have 2 DVD players. There's my first and favorite - the Sampo, which is a multiregion player. But when my VCR started to die on me, I thought it might be nice to have a DVD/VCR combo. (OK, so I've been against those for the most part - if one of the two bits goes dead, then you've lost the convenience of the combo - but I figured it would save me space and wiring.) So I now have a Phillips combo set, which is really nice. And as the Sampo has been known to skip on some R1 DVDs (I've yet to watch The Aztecs for all the skipping) I thought a more modern DVD player would be nice.

The new combo even plays DVD-Rs without a hitch. This came in handy when copying the chemistry videos (about groups in the periodic table) to one master tape. This year, I had the most type of media turned in. Several VHS tapes - those were easy to copy. Plus one VHS-C, one 8 mm cassette, two miniDV cassettes (those are soooooooooooo cute!), and two DVD-Rs. Quite impressive (even though I had to borrow 2 students' video cameras to convert). As for the quality of the videos themselves - they were all well done and entertaining. Some had better editing skills than others, but all were creative and most were pretty informative. We also discovered that one of the junior girls does a very good Jimmy Stewart imitation.

This post was quite a ramble, I'll admit. But it's OK, I had Subway. :-)
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