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About 10 after 9pm tonight, I'm online and clicking away for folks on Kings of Chaos, when Zap! the power goes out. The Zap! was caused by ordinary lightning and it took out the entire block. So I got my rechargeable flashlight and found the cat. I read for a bit and decided to go to bed early. Oh yeah, and I was in the middle of drying my laundry when the outage happened... My underwear in particular. Of which I had no clean stuff left. Heh. Ironic, eh?

Thankfully, I'd only hours earlier figured out where my travel clock was and set that up to wake me at 6am and then it was bed time for Trina and Leo. And we were snoozing (though I don't think either of us were actually asleep) when the air conditioner started back up again just a few minutes ago. So I thought I'd turn on the computer to make sure everything was OK. And heck, while I was checking, I'd write up a quick LJ entry about it. Still going to wait for the morning to dry my underwear, however. Probably tempting fate, but I don't want to stay up for another hour in order to fold everything when it's dry (and there are some clothes which ought to be folded in with the undies).

One comment on my power & light company: I called the emergency number, which was to an automated system, and it informed me that they already *knew* that my area was having an outage... Spooky! I hate psychic companies!
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