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House Painting Part 1

My house needed painting. And I have the photos to prove it.

Window, South Side
Here is a picture of the window on the south side of the house. Note the interested observer in the window.

Other Window, South Side
The other window on the south side.

Window, West Side
The window on the west side. It used to have faux shutters, which accounts for the shading around the windows.

Closeup Window, South Side
A closeup shot of the south window. Most of the paint was knocked off during the power wash two days previous.

Closeup Siding, South Side
Here's a closeup of the siding. Once again, this is from the south side of the house, which was the worst side over all.

Garage, South Side
As you can see, the garage was a bit worse for the wear, too. This is the south side.

Garage, West Side
Here's the front of my garage.

House, East Side
The back of my house. And Leo, once again looking on.

The solution to my problem? Hiring someone to paint my house. I chose Student Painters for the job. They're a company of college students who've been professionally trained and are insured. They use Sherwin Williams paints and really know what they're doing. They started the job at 7:30am yesterday and worked until 5pm. They returned today sometime after 8am and were done just after 5pm. I won't have the final pictures until tomorrow (too cloudy for nice photos when they were done) but I'll post the "during" and "after" photos tomorrow.
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