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Nothing to write about

Well, I knew it would happen - actually, I lasted longer than I thought I would. It's been a week since I successfully got an LJ post up. And I posted every day - including today. But does today's post really count when all I'm doing is writing to say that I have nothing to say? Hmmm, that's an interesting question...

OK, here's a question for y'all - if you were going to take your 11 year old cousin out for her first Indian meal, what would you order for her? Just for some assistance, she's more of the non-adventurous sort. I seem to remember I was willing to try any strange "ethnic" food when I was her age, though I avoided "healthy-looking non-ethnic" food (aka, veggies). But she seems even more finicky than I was. Suggestions on a postcard to... Hell, I'll make it easier - just comment on my LJ.
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