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Hot & Shitty Kitty®

Summer suddenly arrived today. I wasn't expecting it until at least tomorrow, but no, it decided to come today. It got up to 86°F (29°C) and still feels awfully warm right now. (Ah, that's because it's 78°F (26°C) right now - gah!) Thank goodness for open windows. I know Leo appreciates them. He was doing his best "Hot & Shitty Kitty®" look earlier this evening while lounging in front of the monitor, so I grabbed the camera to take a picture. He quickly became "Curious Kitty" and got up from his pose to examine the camera. So no picture of "Hot & Shitty Kitty®," alas. Still, I got a gorgeous closeup photo of him which I'm now using as my main Leo icon.

Tomorrow I'll have the A/C on and all the windows shut (poor Leo - he'll miss his open windows) because the guy from Student Painters, Inc. is supposed to show up to power wash my house. They're going to start painting it next Thursday - woohoo! I should get some BEFORE pictures so I can compare them to AFTER. (It's getting too dark to do that now, so I'll have to do it tomorrow.)

Tomorrow is also the day before prom and, in order to discourage students from drinking and driving, we'll be having a Mock Accident. Due to a change in administration mid year, this will make the second Mock Accident in 2 years. The one last year was very disturbing, I thought. The bit that gave me the willies was when Ron Jackson from the local funeral home arrived with the hearse. Seeing the local folks on the emergency squad had been disturbing enough, but when you see Ron in that situation, it's just creepy. We've also got a guest speaker (I believe it's someone who once killed someone in a car accident - at least, that's what our Police Guy wanted when he was setting this all up) and junior and senior class meetings, so I won't get to have chemistry or much of physics tomorrow. And in the afternoon, it's the county tech meeting, so I'll be leaving the school anyhoo to go off for nice Mexican American food and chat with other county techs.

Tomorrow is also Pay Day. Woohoo! So let's hear it for Friday!
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