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Party Preparations!

Looks like there will be six of us for the shindig tomorrow (though a few more might come - and mom will be late - she has to work and she has to pick up her cousin-in-law from the hospital). Mom surprised me by ordering a cake for the party and dad will pick it up on his way to the Lake. I got the food tonight - with double-checking by dad to make sure I didn't forget crucial things like buns. Burgers and hot dogs on the grill - maybe with rain, maybe without. Either way, the place is ready for either indoor or outdoor fun. Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream - made last night. And music - Beatles, Monkees, Bonzo Dog Band - fun stuff from my LPs. If the others remember to bring some LPs, we'll play those too.

It's amazing how different I feel today from yesterday. Yesterday was a fluke, that's for sure. judiang and I figure it's cuz I don't cry enough. It all built up like a pressure cooker and whammo, it was released in a big burst last night. So I'm happy to be back to normal. :-) And tomorrow, no matter how many show, is going to be great.
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