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Coming back up...

Phew, after my pity party from earlier, I am returning back to my normal state of things. Thanks to all of you who've posted kind comments to that previous post. You're great folks. :-)

As for the continuation of the evening, I read some from Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde, then went out for some Comfort Food (in this case, pork lo mein) which I brought back home, then I started watching The Fighting Temptations, which has been fun so far (still need to finish it). Midway through the movie, dad called to say they were back from the Lake and I broke down during the call, which only embarrassed me more. After I'd composed myself, I went next door for some dad-comfort. We talked, I laughed, I cried, I bitched and dad listened. When Friends was over, mom came down to join in the laughing and crying and bitching. :-) (She'd've been down earlier, but you see, it's the next to last episode of Friends.) And once again to stress that I really have no reason to feel sorry for myself, one of my relatives called - my folks are taking him to the hospital tomorrow for a 4-6 hour heart check up. And his wife is practically an invalid. Yeah, I've got it good. Good friends, both in real life and online. Wonderful family. Fun work place. Stupid-ass chemicals/hormones that decide that I should spend my evening crying. Gah!

For those of you out there who deal with this shit every day of your lives, I *really* feel for you. I can barely stand to spend an evening like it. *hugs* to those of you who need 'em a whole lot more than I do.

Anyway, I'm off to finish watching The Fighting Temptations. Thanks again for the comments. I really needed 'em and appreciate them.
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