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Angel Tonight

judiang and I watch Angel together every week cuz neither of us are much in the way of Angel fans. I happen to like Spike and we both like Elsa, so we watch this show. So, now we get to comment on the episode before Elsa even gets home from work. Ha!

The best line of the show: "Sex with robots is more common than people think."

Guest Star: That was Roy Dotrice, wasn't it?

Acting: There was acting? Last week, Judi and I decided that Angel had two expressions, moody and constipated. The real problem occurs when he has to do both at the same time.

Pulling Punches: Yeah, elsaf was right when she claimed that the current season of Angel has been pulling its punches. I think this tells us one thing - Angel (the vampire or the series - take your pick) has no balls. Was he castrated in the last season?

My opinion of Wesley (shebit is gonna KILL me): He's still a turnip. But at least now we *know* why he's a turnip.

Spike: Judi's comment: "Spike was a poor bedeviled vamp. Now he's a pain in the ass ghost." True, but he is the funniest part of the show.
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