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Louisiana Boil!

I've mentioned before about my cool co-workers. Well, tonight was the Louisiana Boil that was held at the home of the Fishers. My former first grade teacher and my former industrial arts teacher. I call 'em Marsha and Gary now. :-) Their daughter and son-in-law and several other teachers and spouses were present.

It started around 6:30 and I came in with my home-made Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream. One of the ladies (wife of our former principal) brought some heavenly bread and some oils & spreads and we munched on those. I tried some Zinfindel and then some Riesling, but decided that, though they wanted to taste like sour dough, they just didn't. Guess wine just isn't for me. (Raw sour dough, OTOH - yum!) Eventually, everyone was present and the rice was ready, so we started with Gumbo. I sat with three ladies and we talked about careers and computers and travel and stuff. The gumbo was very good eats.

Meanwhile, Gary was out putting the various things into the Louisiana Boil. He had a huge metal pot that was on a propane burner and he had things timed for when each ingredient was to be added. In the Boil were mussels, shrimp, crab legs, crawdads (crayfish, crawfish, whatever you want to call 'em), corn on the cob, taters, and something green (beans, I think - I didn't eat anything green tonight). He added spices as well, but I don't know what. All I can tell you was that everything was great. Marsha had melted butter which she portioned out for everyone. Emily, Megan and Tammy were my eating mates this time. Emily (Gary's daughter) taught us how to eat the crawdaddies. They were OK, but I much prefer lobster. Lot more meat for the same amount of work. The crablegs were good enough that butter wasn't needed. The shrimp and mussels were good too. I dipped the corn in the butter most of all. :-)

After the seafood, it was brownie & ice cream time. I got to show off Elsa's wonderful Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream recipe. Everyone loved it. And they ate it all. Woohoo! And all throughout the eating there were many conversations. To cap the evening off, Gary & Marsha danced a Cajun waltz and then a Cajun jig. They were really impressive. (They've been taking ballroom dancing, and it shows.)

It was nearing 10:30 when I decided to head out. The party was still going, so they're probably still at it. Poor Emily and Chris have to drive back to Columbus tonight - that's an hour and a half at least. Bleh! Glad I lived just 15 minutes away. Time for me to veg the rest of the night. :-)
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