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Save me from my Dreams!

Gah! I can somewhat understand a Doctor Who/Buffyverse crossover as those are two series that I watch often and would sort of work together. But last night I had a Remington Steele/Black Books crossover! (WTF???) I don't remember a whole lot of details (thankfully) other than by the end of the Holt & Steele bit, they were in the desert with a scantily dressed African native who looked like James Brown on a bad hair day. He was showing them how to find water from the desert sands by using what looked like a giant wire hair pick (a bit bigger than a rake) which was pushed into the sand and drawn forward. Any water in the sand was then brought up near the surface. Poor Bernard Black, OTOH, was the focus of some woman's revenge and by the end she'd burned his flesh off and he was a walking, smoking (cigarette, that is) skeleton who explained to her that she must have been wrong about him or else he'd be dead by now. As intrigued as I was to find out if Bernard gets his flesh back when he's vindicated and if Steele & Holt were going to escape the desert, I did have to pee (for real). So I looked at the display on the DVD player (gee, this was a movie?) and had only watched an hour and 12 minutes thus far but still had an hour and 32 minutes to go. So I stopped the movie and woke up.

Gah - my brain! My brain!

(Actually, the one thing this dream has done was made me want to see some Remington Steele!)
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