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Yet Another Weird Freakin' Dream...

I think last night's dream takes the cake as far as strange TV-related dreams go. I'm reading Usenet about the upcoming Doctor Who series. (That, in itself, is odd since I haven't been on Usenet in ages.) I hear tell that the companion has been cast, but it's still a secret. And the person playing the companion is currently in hospital for something or other. So people online are working on figuring out which hospital and which celeb it must be. The term for this person is "Patient One."

So, switch to the producer of the show (who looks a bit like a cross between Adam West and Anthony Zerbe) as he discusses stuff with someone else (Russell T Davies, maybe?) They decide to use a stealth mode to tell the person that they've got the part. So switch views to a hotel room. Knock on the door and it's two call girls and two men dressed as the TV Batman & Robin (though thankfully the Robin character vanishes quickly when my brain realizes there's no reason for him to be there). So the future companion of Doctor Who steps back and I can finally see who it is. It's James Marsters (still looking remarkably Spike-ish).

One of the call girls (who're both dressed as French maids - I told you this one takes the cake) explains that the person dressed as Batman (actually the producer) will pie Marsters in the face if he doesn't give Batman $20. Well, the thing is, Batman has pies in both hands (and no, not cream pies, cherry pies), so Marsters has to put the $20 in Batman's mouth. And then he gets pied anyway... I then stop the video that I've been watching on my computer and move back to Usenet, surprised that they aren't talking about the new companion. Only they are, actually. I just needed to refresh.

So, as I'm waking up from this dream, I try to puzzle out Marsters as the companion of Eccleston's Doctor. And realize that both of them look rather emaciated and so would be an odd-looking pair. Then I finally came to my senses and realized, thankfully, that it was all just a dream. I mean, James Marsters as Rose???? ;-)
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