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Little Kids

Not sure I'm ready for my own little kids, but it's fun to visit family with their little ones. Had a couple of "too damn cute" moments this evening in dealing with the 4 year old (Sydney) and the 7 year old (Taylor) - both girls. Sydney wanted to show me and Granny her cheer, which she'd learned from Taylor, but she couldn't spell yet. So she'd say "Gimme an N!" then "Gimme a Y" then "Gimme a C" and she had no idea what it spelled. "New York City!" I shouted. (She was trying to spell King.)

A little bit later, Taylor asked me how to spell "Zyland." "Why do you want to know that?" "So I can tell Sydney how to spell it." "But what's 'zyland'?" "You know, like King Zyland." I had to laugh. There's an amusement park in our state called King's Island. I explained to Taylor what an island was and that it probably belonged to somebody named King. We decided that King's Island was a small island, but I assured her that the United Kingdom was a much bigger island. "Oh yes, I've been to the United Kingdom" Taylor assured me. "You have?" "Yeah, I like Disney." Another explanation was in order...

I escaped for a bit to talk with adults for awhile, but then Sydney called me out saying "I wanna show you some of the crazy things that I do." At least she's honest! :-)

Anyway, they were fun to watch and talk with, but they wore me out. And Sydney kept giving me bits of candy from her basket, and who am I to turn away Reese Cups and Kit-Kats? Despite my being tired, I don't think I'll be sleeping well tonight! :-)
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