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Happy Easter!

I thought that, since I'll be doing the "Low-pressure environments" tests on Peeps this week for Chemistry, I should link to one of the greatest science sites out there. Peep Research is a classic. Formerly blown up Peeps are (a) smaller than the original, (b) chewier than the original, and (c) just as tasty as the original. :-)

Turns out neither of Becky's boys (and their families) were at the noon gathering at Granny's. They'll all be at the supper one, maybe. ;-) So it was fun just having lunch with "the adults and Trina" as Aunt Becky said. I did end up getting things for the little ones. I ransacked my Easter box in the closet and found stuffed toys for the little ones and Brandi and from my toy box, I got a cool science gooey toy for Chris. Deanna gets $20 for me (which she can use on alcohol if she wants, being as how she's legal now).

I've been cleaning off my desk today and making CDs for folks and stuff. Will probably be heading back to Granny's for Easter Part II. :-)

Hope everyone's been having a good day! And Happy Birthday to liannanshith!
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