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Lazy Kitty

I had a nice lazy day today. I had originally planned to drive to Detroit to meet some fellow Tomorrow People fans, but as the gathering was smaller than we originally thought it might be and wasn't probably going to last a long while, I figured it might be best to wait until another time (when I'm in Detroit for other reasons). I'm sure those who did gather had a good time. At least I hope they did. :-)

So, instead of driving to Detroit, I went to the Lake with dad. Mom and dad have a cottage on Lake Loramie that's in a nice quiet section of the lake. Dad was doing some electrical work on the new three season room, so I spent the morning finally paying my bills and balancing my checkbook. That took long enough that when I was done, it was lunch time. So we went to McDonald's and I had a nice 600 Calorie Big Mac (the calories have gone up since I first used that as an example on converting between calories and Calories - food Calories are 1000 calories) and a 450 Calorie medium fries. The thing that got me most was the amount of sodium in them. Grief. Still, I do enjoy a Big Mac every so often. :-)

After lunch, we returned to the Lake and I spent some time on my laptop working on the Metadot Portal that I'm trying to set up for the school website. It's gonna be awhile before I can get things the way I want them to be, but I'm learning more and more about it. (I'd just prefer if someone came and simply told me what I needed to do...)

Eventually, dad was done with the electrical work and I was ready to go home. I then spent the rest of the day being lazy and watching The Curse of Fenric director's cut edition on my Home Theatre System. Mmmmm, stereophonic Sylv! There were some nice bits that reverbed around the room. When I eventually get my basement turned into my entertainment complex, this will be a must see - sitting in the dark with the image projected on a big screen with surround sound. Mmmmmmm.

Leo has been lazy today too. He loves having open windows and spends a lot of time in front of them. I went to get a brownie earlier this evening and saw him laying in his hammock (that I'd given him for Christmas this past year) and just had to take a picture. So here's my lazy kitty:

Lazy Leo
Lazy Leo

Tomorrow is Easter and the family will be gathering (in shifts, apparently) at Granny's. I intend to be there for both lunch and supper, just so I can see everyone. Didn't get anything for the little ones, alas. I pondered buying some Silly Putty for them all, but that required going out again today. Nah, too busy being lazy. (And I wasted 2 hours playing Diablo II.) Haven't even bought Deanna a birthday present. Ah well, she's old enough now to not need birthday presents. ;-)
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