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Dream TV

The majority of my remembered dreams are about family and friends. But I sometimes go through spats of dreaming about TV shows. Last night/this morning was one of those.

I think this may have been my first time to have a proper dream about The Tomorrow People. This was a British TV series that I loved as a kid (and still enjoy, especially as the DVDs have been coming out). The only two characters that I recall from the dream were Elizabeth and John (the two main TPs - Liz being my absolute favorite, with John as second favorite). They were undercover in a shabby hotel room and investigating something that I don't remember. Elizabeth got out to the place to do the investigation, but when John tried to teleport there (the Tomorrow People have special powers - telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, telephones, etc) he couldn't. At first he thought Liz was playing a prank on him and preventing him from jaunting (their lingo for teleportation), but then he took ill and ended up nearly unconscious on the bed. And, unfortunately, I remember nothing else from the dream... Oh yeah, except that there was one line that Liz had that I thought was a perfect line and had intended to capture as a .wav for my LJ. Disappointed to wake up and discover that line is lost forever...

In another first, Monk made its debut in my dreams this morning. At the start of the dream, funnily enough, I was writing in my LJ about the Tomorrow People dream and that I'd also had a Monk dream. (Which I don't believe I actually had yet - my brain is so odd!) So as I start describing it in the LJ, the dream develops into an actual story. This dream had all of the principle characters. Monk and the police were working on a case while Sharona had a boyfriend du jour... And so who was playing the boyfriend du jour? OK, I'll admit it - it was Sylvester McCoy. I once again don't remember much about the case going on, but at the end, Monk had found the murderer and when it was time to haul him off, everyone got onto a stage coach (including some relatives of the murderer, one of whom was played by Judy Cornwell (Maddy in Paradise Towers)) which Sylv's character then drove off through the desert. (And when did San Francisco become a flat desert?)

Ah, my freaky, freaky brain. Got to admit, I get a lot of entertainment out of my odd dreams. (Hope you folks do too!)
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