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The Limit of Tech Knowledge...

Thanks to yesterday's shopping excursion with Evil Tech Women, I could now set up my own Wireless LAN. I worked some today but after lunch, I decided to set things up rather than go back. (Hooray for Spring Break!)

Isn't it funny how a semi-trained network administrator can have troubles setting up her own network and yet her father and her friends have no trouble at all?

So, what happened? Well, the problem happened with instruction 1.B.iii. No WAN light lit up. Hmmm... Well, I went through steps 1.B.i and 1.B.ii again (as step 1.B.iii said to should things not work) but still no go. I went on ahead with steps 1.C, 1.D, and 2-5, but still no deal. My computer saw the new router, but the router and the modem didn't like each other. Grrrrrr.

I called Road Runner and got a Time Warner desk jockey who was more interested in trying to sell me Digital Cable than in finding out the problem. He then connected me to a Road Runner national help desk dude who was a bit more helpful (or at least a bit more knowledgeable), and we decided to try a new Cat-5 cable.

So it's off to my next door neighbor's to steal borrow a spare Cat-5 cable. But, alas, it wasn't the cable.

I took a bit of a break to clean out my car (it's a gorgeous day and Leo's got open windows to lay by) but when I was done, the modem and router still weren't talking to each other. I decide to call D-Link. Before I even finished a round of Rummikub on the computer, I had a tech. I think he knew what my problem was before I even finished the description. Turns out my lovely modem doesn't work on a 100Mbps network, just a 10Mbps one. *sigh* Within a minute of the phone call I could see Google and download my e-mail. YAY!

I haven't tried the wireless bit yet - though that part of the router was on almost immediately. If all goes well, you'll see another update today from the laptop. :-)
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