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Evil Geek Women

Well, thanks to elsaf and judiang I spent over $250 at Best Buy today. First, I finally decided to buy a wireless network for myself. Elsa got us into wireless, having a 802.11b network first, then upgrading to 802.11g more recently. She helped Judi start her home wireless network, and the two of them are almost insufferably smug about them having wireless and me still being in the twentieth century ("Stone Age," as Judi just called it as she watches me type this up). This lot costs about $140, but I'll be getting $30 back in rebates, thankfully.

Of course, next, Judi worked me over until I spent $40 on Diablo II and the expansion pack (plus a strategy guide!) Gah! Evil Geek Women!

The other two items that I bought were trinalin and trinalin alone. I needed another surge protector since my UPS is currently unreliable. And I decided to finally try an FM adaptor thingy that converts music from MP3 and CD players into an FM signal which can be picked up on radios. I'm going to try it at home to see if I can pick up Rhapsody music in another room. It was $50.

So of the $250 that I spent, only $70 was my own inspiration, the rest was because of Evil Geek Women!

(Personally, I'm rather excited to try this all out - since it's Spring Break this week, I figured I'd have a bit more time to devote to setting up a wireless network and playing around with Diablo II etc.)

In the Elsa Visit news, we had pancakes today for a late breakfast and we'll have a late lunch at a nearby Thai restaurant. Mmmmmm! I'll be getting Pad Thai, I just know it. Then, sad sad, we'll have to go our separate ways. Elsa will drive Judi to the airport and I'll drive home. It's been a wonderful weekend and I'm so grateful to have two WONDERFUL (Evil Geek Women) friends!
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