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The Lion King

If you get a chance to see the stage version of The Lion King, I urge you to do it. The costuming was fabulous and the sets were amazing. They had a mix of puppetry and live action (often in the same costume) and, of course, the music is fabulous. And the best bit of all is that they replaced the "Hula" bit with something a little more "Charleston"-y. ;-) (I think judiang was a little disappointed there.)

I woke up late this morning - nearly 9am, though as we went to bed around 2am (time already adjusted), it wasn't *late* late. We then left for the Chinese place in Windsor by 9:45. We had reservations for 10:45am. Going through the tunnel to Canada and then through customs was a breeze. And when we located the restaurant (Wah Court Inn, IIRC), it turns out that wasn't the one we usually went to - but this one had parking, which was a plus. So we got there earlier than expected and were only the second customers there.

They had us pick a few Dim Sum items to order since they were going to wait a little for more customers to start bringing food around. It didn't take long before the place began to fill and the Dim Sum items came around. And we ate and ate and ate - everything was wonderful and we all got our favorites. Heck, we love the sesame balls so much, we got a second order at the end of the brunch.

Since elsaf worked very hard yesterday to work her cullinary magic and Judi was still celebrating her birthday, I volunteered to pay for lunch. It was, as always, very reasonable ($47Can for all three of us). And after brunch, Elsa drove us back to the US of A. Of course, the line getting back into the US was much longer than the line going to Canada. It was, as always, Customs holding everything up. They even asked for all of our driver's licenses. (Thankfully, the fellow didn't ask us why we all had different state IDs.)

We were looking to have quite a bit of time between the restaurant and the musical, until we went through Customs, so by the time we got to the Masonic Temple Theatre, we were only 15 minutes earlier than our original intention. I paid Elsa the $45 that I owed her for tickets and bought a $10 program. And the thing that I fell in love with was a bean bag Simba - done in the costume style of the musical. So that was another $20. So, for $75, I got to see The Lion King. And it was worth it!

So what sort of themes did we learn in the musical? Well, that lions rule all the other critters, which they also eat, and that's OK with the other critters since it's all part of the Circle of Life. If the Circle of Life gets disrupted, however, by Hyenas and greedy Lions, the pride-land becomes a desert. But that's OK if the right lion gets back in - things grow back again and everyone's happy. :-)

The show was done by 4pm, but we weren't hungry yet. So we decided to come back to Elsa's place. And the first thing that Judi and I did was check Kings of Chaos. And then it was time to check LJ. But now, it's time to drag Judi's lazy butt off to The Blue Nile for supper and more FUN! :-)
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