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GIP & April Fool's!

You know you're addicted to LiveJournal when you suddenly think of an LJ icon you can design... while your students are coming into chemistry class. *sigh* Anyhoo, I managed to remember the design idea and just made the icon. I figure I can use this all year 'round, not just on April Fool's Day.

I hope y'all didn't get tricked too many times today. I was lucky to miss out on most of the pranks going on at school. There was practically an April Fool's war going on in the HS office. I was most amused. Oh, and the teacher's union gave everyone mini-Easter baskets full of good candy (damn them!) in honor of the upcoming holiday (which takes place during our spring break.)

Speaking of Spring Break - only one more day until Spring Break! And tomorrow should be easy enough. Chemistry has a test, physics has a worksheet. Then dad and I go to El Sombrero for the monthly county tech meeting. And then I get to drive to Detroit to meet up with elsaf and eventually with judiang. Should be a fabby weekend. (And something tells me that I'll be able to stay in touch online while there...)

And I'll once again say "Happy Birthday" to shebit and judiang - hope you've had a blast today!
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