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It's about bloody time!

Isn't it the way? You finally contact the technical guru, and the problem clears up... As the network adminstrator, I see this happen often. (I think, at work, the computers are just afraid of me and behave when they think I've been called - after all, I know how to do format c:!) And, of course, it happens to me too. So here I am, waiting for RoadRunner's LiveChat to start, and I think "I'd better check to make sure my page doesn't make me a liar..." And guess what? The new page has finally arrived! (15 minutes ago, I was still getting the old one.) So RoadRunner must have had one DNS server that was just a bit slower than the others.

No idea if it's propagated throughout the world yet, but at least I'm finally able to see my new page. The URL, in case you haven't been paying attention (ha!) is I'm happy! Yay!
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