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Fabby Friday

Ah, it's Friday! TGIF! And after my rough 3-day work week (ha!) I could used to this schedule: Work a Day. Day Off. Work a Day. Day Off. Work a Day. Two Days Off.

Anyhoo, after 2 Fridays without a BWs gathering, we met today. Good thing I brought my folks - it more than doubled the number of us there. And since dad was driving us home, I actually got a non-virgin daiquiri. I went with the vodka in place of rum (light on vodka) and it was yummy. So I had a second. Mom had an amaretto sour, which I tried, and was shocked when I didn't get that awful alcohol aftertaste that I associate with most drinks. I might have to try an amaretto sour on me own some time. (Well, provided I'm not driving.)

When I got home, I started chatting with Judi who was being grumpy - turns out the new Doctor Who has been cast! Alas, it's not Paul McGann (not that any of us seriously thought he would be), but instead Christopher Eccleston. As soon as one of my friends mentioned he was in Cracker, I remembered who he was (the "police chief" or whatever you want to call it that Cracker worked for/with). Cool, I always liked him. I seriously doubt he will oust Sylv from my favorite Doctor position, but I shall welcome him to the fold! (If you're curious to know my complete order, it goes Doc7, Doc5, Doc6-Doc1-Doc2, Doc8 (I'd like him more if he were given better audios), Doc3, Doc4. I like 'em all, though - so even being "last" is not a bad thing.
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