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"No Trina, it's just you..." - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
"No Trina, it's just you..."
Hmmmm - still no new site here. Yet Pegasus is finally having problems with the old mail server (mail.pagefillers.com). Being the geek that I am, I did tracert both here and at home. Indeed, I'm getting the old pagefillers ( after 21 hops. Dad and I separated after 15 hops when he went onto ATL while I went onto JTK. His total hops (minus his hop to his home network router) was 25 (ending at So I need to go four more hops to get to my new site.

In other geek searching that I did, he seems to only have 2 DNS servers from RoadRunner, while I've got 3 in my settings, from what I can see. (I was using WinIPcfg here and had to use his router software at his place cuz ipconfig only told me his local network settings.) What is his primary DNS is my secondary, and vice versa. And I've no idea what the third is as it's a completely different set of IP addresses. (But it's from the same set of addresses as my DHCP settings.)

So I, for one, am perplexed. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll contact RoadRunner support to see if they can assist.

OK - now onto my non geeky rant. There's a local "free" paper that's just recently started up. I don't like getting the newspaper (despite one of my best friends working for one - but she's in Detroit and I'm in Ohio), let alone the freebies. All of the other free papers have been nice enough to stop littering my yard when I've called their (not always local) phone number. Yes, it's a waste of my time, but it beats the waste of time (not to mention paper) throwing the damn things away every week. Well, two weeks ago I called this new freebie paper (the Miami County Advocate) and asked to have my address removed. The lady who answered was gracious and said to call the next week if it appeared again.

Well, I guess it's my fault, really, because, even though it arrived again the following week, I didn't call. (Too busy, for one.) It's the next week, and sure enough, it arrives again. This time I do call. I've no idea if the same lady talked to me today, but she informed me that if I want to have my name removed from the list, I need to fill out and send in this "coupon" to the address listed on it and then (and only then) I'll stop getting this trash thrown onto my property every week. I don't like this arrangement. I've already wasted my time dealing with this with 2 phone calls. I don't want to waste more time filling out the "coupon" and then spending 37cents to mail it to them.

I asked the lady if she could forward my call onto someone who could deal with this problem, since I didn't want to bug her any more - she's only trying to do her job. Of course, the fellow who's "in charge" was in a meeting (probably devising new ways to irritate the people in their jurisdiction) so I left a voice message. If this persists, I may complain to the village council on this company that keeps insisting on littering on my property. Very, very annoying. (Can you guess what's going to be my mood?)

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed
Current Music: "Stitch That" by Chumbawamba

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elsaf From: elsaf Date: November 11th, 2003 03:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, I had your new site when I got home last night. But if Roadrunner hasn't updated the particular DNS server you're connecting to, you won't be getting it. Can you change the order of your DNS servers? If your Dad is getting the new site, then some of the servers have been updated and some haven't.

As for that newspaper, good luck. The sharp tools from the box seldom end up working in circulation.
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