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Fog Day!

Yes, in Ohio we get fog days from time to time. Today's fog is not only nasty for visibility, it's also precipitating as ice. So most of the schools in Miami County are closed. I wouldn't be surprised if the other schools close after a bit. We started with a 2 hour delay, but I just got the call that we were closed for today. Cool. This March was going to be a long one with no days off, but now we've had two. I'll just have to find some things to do to entertain myself here. Heh. ;-)

PS, trying out Violent Femmes as suggested by Mags - and you know, I've heard "Blister in the Sun" before. And liked it. Cool. (Had no idea who did that song until now.) You know, like the Barenaked Ladies, there don't seem to be any women in this group... ;-)
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