Moving Shop

Well, I'm in the process, finally, of moving off of LJ and onto elsewhere. I decided to just make a Wordpress Blog on Pagefillers and put it there. Tonight, I did the bulk of the work by using LJ to Wordpress to backup my LJ and then convert the XML file into one that Wordpress could use. (Sadly, the on board LJ importer tool didn't work for me — kept saying that my LJ password was wrong. Turns out it's an issue with the LJ API and not really anything the Wordpress folks can fix.)

Now I've got the finicky bits of adding images, LJ icons, moods & music to my posts & comments. That'll probably take me awhile since I have to hit each entry. But I'll get there in the end, I suspect. 

My blog will eventually have newer posts added, and I intend to eventually put some of my old journal entries in as well, just for grins. But I suspect the new posts won't be all that often since I prefer to use Twitter & Instagram for socializing online. 

Haven't decided if I'll keep the old journal here once it's all backed up on Pagefillers — maybe just the gay-friendly posts? Heh.


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