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Happy New Year!

Considering that my last LJ post was in the summer, I think I'm going to have to admit that how I "journal" my life has changed. It used to be paper. Then it was LiveJournal. Now I do "microjournaling" via Twitter and Instagram (username pagefillers). And even there I'm not as thorough as I once was. But they're quick, and that often fits my lifestyle more.

I know a number of "old time" LJers who are jumping ship due to the Russians or somesuch. Haven't decided if I will or not. But I do want to get a good backup of this journal and soon - my last backup was a few years back. And then maybe I'll decide what to do.

My own website ( is still very barebones since it was hacked at some point. Perhaps I'll get my old LJ stuff onto there. At least my trip stories would be good there. Perhaps 2017 will be my year to get that sorted out. :-)

I'm currently sitting in my library with Linus on my lap and Lucy sitting on the back of the comfy chair. We've got soft Christmas music playing in the background and, when I'm not writing this, I'm working on my eBooks' meta data (like you do). I had a wonderful birthday today (46 years - sheesh!) Although Amy was back in MSP, the folks and I had a nice time. I cooked pork & kraut & mashed taters and then they came around for lunch. They brought cake & presents!

Since I'm 6, er 46, the gifts were toys & games. ;-) Amy, OTOH, got me an IKEA gift card - to help me get a display case to, um, hold my LEGO... OK, so I *am* 6!

Amy was here for Christmas - she arrived Christmas Eve and left on the 30th. We had a great time and, as per usual, we won at Christmas. And according to WW, I only gained 4.8lbs. Heh.

In 2016, I hit my lowest weight (in December) at WW which is over 40lb lost since I started the program, and probably closer to 50lb lost since I started trying. Yeah, it's taking years, but I'm working on lifestyle changes, not looking for quick fixes. I'm wondering if, in 2017, I finally get under 180lb. We'll see!

I managed to reach my book-reading goal for 2016 (read 75 books - I got 76 read - whee!) and I'm going to see if I can read 80 in 2017. You can keep tabs on me through goodreads.

OK, enough rambling from me. Linus has changed his position so that now when I type, I'm having to move him with me. He's too zonked to care, but I think I should let him rest without being wiggled around.

I hope that 2017 is a good year for you all. I know there's a lot of uncertainty right now and it has the potential to be truly horrible, but I hope that this isn't the case. Love to you all!
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