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Merry Christmas 2015!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas this year (or fabulous Friday, or both!) It's been great for me this year (as it is every year - whee!) Amy arrived safely at the airport today. Her luggage, not so much. Eep!

Still, the Shorts are not put out by such things. We made lunch (hamloaf, roasted taters, sauteed Brussel sprouts, and beer bread), which we then ate and enjoyed immensely. Then we rested up, then had dessert (cookies, pumpkin roll, cheesecake cupcakes) and coffee (for those who drink coffee). Mom and I took a short walk. Then we decided to unwrap presents till we got down to where Amy's gifts to us were needed. (They are in her luggage, which is supposedly on its way here.)

Once again, we won at Christmas. We've gotten really good at it. :-) Adult coloring books were a popular item. Everyone got some sort of books or other. I got mom a "new" phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) to work with and dad a drone+camera to play with. I got Amy the Star Wars trilogy & some sketch books/pencils/pencil case/etc. They gave me all sorts of good stuff (games to play, books to read, a new toaster) and I've still not seen the "encyclopedia set" that Amy has apparently gotten for me. :-) (She claims her bag weighs as if it contains the Encyclopedia Britannica, but with the bag not here yet, we can only assume she's telling the truth.)

The weather is... hella warm for this time of year. We have been fortunate NOT to be inundated with tornadoes like some areas of the country. (Those poor folks!) Though two days ago I was sitting in my basement waiting for the all clear on a tornado warning. Warmest December on record apparently. Bleh.

I've been doing all sorts of things since I last posted in June. The trip to Britain, as you probably saw, was a blast. School has been good. I might actually be caught up on grading for once (thanks to taking much of this last Monday getting caught up). We have Amy till next Friday (whee!) and all of the family gatherings are already over or aren't scheduled till January. So it's just the 4 of us to have a great week together and I'm looking forward to it.

So Happy Holidays to everyone out there! If I don't post again till 2016, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (And even if I do post before then, I still hope you have a happy new year. Heh.)

Oh! Update - Amy just got a call from the luggage deliverer - she should be here in half an hour. Christmas unwrapping can continue! (Once Amy wraps the gifts up, of course).
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