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Spending other people's money!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had been given a $25 gift card for BestBuy from a coworker and had the remains of two Olive Garden gift cards as well. So today, I went down Wright State Way (my description of the area, not theirs) to use other people's money.

I always like to start at the Bookery Fantasy, a great comic book store in Fairborn. They put my Doctor Who Magazine and DreamWatch magazines in a folder for me and when I come in every other month or so, I pick 'em up. There were two DWMs and one DW this time. (One of the DWMs - issue 339 - had a LOVELY picture of Sylv on the cover - proof positive that I don't have enough pictures in my collection if there are still photos out there I've not seen...)

After my comic excursion, I went onto BestBuy. Lots of neat stuff that I'd like to buy (pondered a wireless 802.11g network for a good long while) but I ended up buying two CDs. Blue Man Group's Audio and a greatest hits CD of Jim Croce. (I can FINALLY have a legal MP3 of "Time in a Bottle.") After using the gift card, I owed all of 66 cents. And to pay that, I used a $1 bill that came in the mail accompanying a survey that someone wanted me to do. (The survey's on my desk at work - I actually will do the survey as I love doing surveys.) Total cost to trinalin? -34 cents.

Finally, it was lunchtime and Olive Garden is right next to BestBuy. I had cheese ravioli with marinara sauce and melted cheese on it. Not the best thing for a gurl watching her weight, but as I just had a bowl of cereal for supper, I'm not too worried. Using the two gift cards, both with just over $3 on them, the remainder of the bill was less than $5, including tip. Woohoo! A successful day of spending as little money as I can!

Meanwhile, on the way to and from Wright State Way (and in case you're wondering, I call it that because it's near my alma mater, Wright State University), I listened to Big Finish's The Natural History of Fear. Ah, finally, a Paul McGann audio that's actually interesting and intriguing. I only got episodes 1-3 listened to. I only hope it doesn't collapse at episode 4. (I really feel sorry for the guy - he seems to be getting pretty lame scripts.)

Most of the rest of my day was far less interesting. I either have a cold or a sinus infection so it's just a dribbly day for me. Bleh. I'm hoping to lick it before the weekend is over so that it doesn't affect me at work.
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