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March Madness

And by March Madness I don't mean basketball... Instead, I mean our mad weather. Our county (and many others around us) is under a Winter Storm Warning starting tonight at 10pm and lasting until Monday morning. They're currently predicting 5-7" of snow for the storm (which is an improvement upon earlier predictions of 8+"). However, we're in that odd transitional time between Winter and Spring when models have a hell of a time making good predictions as it is (and then compound them with the climate change we've been unleashing on our planet and I'm just shocked that they get anything remotely correct!) so I'm not holding my breath yet for (yet ANOTHER) day off on Monday.

So far we've missed 9 days this year. I'm rather pleased that I had gotten my chemistry classes a week ahead of last year's because that extra time has helped me be only about a week behind after all of this weather. (I'm more worried about chemistry than physics because of the college curriculum and their college-supplied final exam.) In physics I've dumped a couple of projects/labs to keep close to my usual timeline. And Advanced Problems is always an evolving course as it is. (I've added in some forensics lessons this year and removed a couple of other projects because of that.)

I am one of the few people I know who isn't actually sick and tired of snow. This next storm might finally put me over the edge (though I doubt it - unless the power goes out or something). However, I really miss taking long walks and riding my bike on the bike paths. So yeah, I'll be just fine with winter making its departure felt. My weight-loss regimen has been affected by the weather too. Less exercise, more snacking because I'm at home instead of at work... I've yet to get as low as I was before Thanksgiving. (I was soooo close to being under 200lb back then too. Now I'm just happy to stay under 210.)

So Winter, I know you're around for another 20 days or so, but I'm OK with you leaving early so that I can get some walks and rides in soon! But if you do decide to dump 5-7" on us tomorrow, please leave the electricity alone, OK? ;-)
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