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Panto Invades Trina's Dreams!

So last night I have one of those nights when you think you're awake the whole time, but then you realize you were just dreaming that you were awake. And it's the things that you recall thinking that convince you of this.

I had far more dreams than I can recall, but I do remember dreaming an episode of Dexter's Laboratory. You know, Dexter & Dee Dee are the sort of characters that I might consider making LJ icons for. I could use an "It's a fine day for SCIENCE" icon... Will ponder that for later. As for any plot details, I remember none - other than thinking that it was a rerun. (Of a televised episode or some previous dream with Dexter, I couldn't really say.) I think Dexter's only the second cartoon series I've dreamt of - the other being G.I. Joe (don't ask.)

The more interesting dream, which I think took place in two parts (between snooze button hits) had the parentals and I going to a theatre (stage, not movie) to see Sylvester McCoy in a pantomime. The theatre was in a huge complex of theatres (if you've ever been to the Barbican in London, UK you know what I mean) and we were in one of the smaller ones. (Except that it had HUGE stadium seating for such an intimate stage.) Our original seats were supposedly top notch, only they were facing to the side (looking at more stadium seating, not the stage itself) and the entire theatre was painted in an evil light green color.

Well, during the second part of the dream, we managed to switch to better seats which are front and center (with a balcony seating). By now the theatre is actually a church. The stage is where the altar normally goes. But at least now the pantomime finally starts. We were expecting Sylv to be in a lead role, but according to the program he's a two-bit part. Once the action starts, we discover that's simply a ruse. Turns out he plays the key role of the android/vampired with laser eyes who can kill and reanimate Storm Troopers®. As the panto has progressed, the things looks more and more like a cheesy movie than a stage production. The enormous space ship is a giveaway. Meanwhile, Sylv's saying lines which are funny and completely at odds with his character. And then I finally wake up.

Now just to reassure you, I don't usually dream about Sylvester McCoy. They do occur, but they are rare. (And none of them are x-rated, so get your minds out of the gutter.) I'm more likely to dream about teaching than anything else. Indeed as it nears summer, I'm more likely to get those fun anxiety dreams. Usually some at the start of the summer and then some right before school starts. Joy joy!
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